Barcelona Spain Glides
Segway Tour Barcelona - BARCELONA SPAIN GLIDES

Barcelona Spain Glides

First Official Tour in Spain

Barcelona Segway Glides is the first segway tour in Spain and one of the first segway tours in Europe since 2005. Barcelona segway glides is run by Edgar Torras founder and owner of the company.

I believe you have to work doing something you love as you will spend lots of hours doing it everyday. I love meeting people, so doing segway tours is the best job for me.

I have been doing them for over nine years now and still go to work with a smile everyday.

Every day allows me to meet people from all over the world looking to learn about Barcelona and have some fun. These same people are a window to the world for me, they sometimes have amazing tales to tell.

I have met a British navy officer who battled the Japanese kamikazes in the Pacific Ocean; a Vietnam war veteran who served two times because was afraid to go back to the US; the one legged sailor who navigated the Antartic ocean for a month in a 150 year old sail ship; the car designer who works imagining the cars we will drive in 15 years time; the English businessman who sold his business to sail around the world, found love in Phucket and now runs a little hotel by the sea...

I consider myself very lucky to have met all these people.

I like to treat my customers as friends coming to visit Barcelona. It allows me to brag about the city but also to know each other a little bit. I have it all set up so I can focus on what I like, meeting people and telling them about Barcelona and the Catalans.

Segway Tour Barcelona